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This also saves you time, money and chemicals it would cost to tone hair at the salon, keeping locks looking fresh and expensive for longer.

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The other main benefit of KMB drops is that you can control how much toning is done to your lightened locks. For instance, some people love having white-blonde platinum hair with no trace of yellow, but other people notice that they prefer to leave a little golden “warmth” behind in their hair, as it is flattering to their complexion.

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Q: I am afraid to use Kiss My Brass. I’ve never used something like this!  What if I mess it up?

A: Girl, we get it! We invented the concept of color-correcting  “shampoo additives” so we understand that this is a brave new world!  Just remember: Start slowly and conservatively. Staining effect was designed to be temporary. Don’t augment products in the shower as our packaging is glass.

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I’m still nervous! Can Kiss My Brass make my hair purple?


Kiss My Brass was formulated to be  virtually impossible to get wrong when used as directed. We always start you off with a very conservative amount of stain (3 drops per fluid ounce of product) so that your hair will remain a natural color. Now, keep in mind, most users end up augmenting with at least 4 drops per fluid ounce of product - but we don’t recommend you start with that heavy of a dose.

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After starting with three drops per fluid ounces initially, work your way up with 5 drops every wash cycle. Eventually, you will know exactly how dark to make your product without even having to measure. It will become like second nature.

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Remember, the cool thing about KMB is that you can try out KMB drops by augmenting a trial size bottle of product if you are still apprehensive.


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How does Kiss My Brass work? Why does my hair look lighter now? Is it bleaching my hair?


As we often discuss, Kiss My Brass uses color theory to work NATURALLY to banish coppery locks so no, there is no bleach or peroxide involved. Any color that sit across from each other on the color wheel “fight” each other. In this case, Blue/Purple tones (called “Violet” in the rainbow) counter-act yucky orange/yellow tones. The lightening effect is just an optical illusion, but a good one. Less bleach needed = less damage for your hair.


Q: It’s not working! My hair still looks brassy!

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A: That’s because you need to add more! Keep adding five drops per wash cycle until desired result is achieved.


I heard you can use Kiss My Brass in your conditioner too. Is that true?

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Yes! Actually, we recommend it over augmenting your shampoo to get maximum color-correction. Just like when you layer perfume over scented body lotion, the same heightened effect works here if you choose to do both. You will get an enhanced effect augmenting conditioner, as most people average 1 to 3 minutes of leaving conditioner on, as they rinse shampoo immediately.

Our official recommendation is this:

Augment shampoo if you’re platinum blonde or otherwise have very porous, damaged white highlights.


Augment conditioner if you have a brown base with gold (examples: highlights/ombre/balyage)


Augment both if you are working with very orange-y copper colored hair you’d like to treat.


Augment both if you are trying to maintain fashion colors of: Purple, lavender, silver- toned hair.



Q: Who is Kiss My Brass for?

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  •  Blondes

  • Brown bases with highlights

  • Light brown hair that tends to oxidize brassy from hard water, salt or sun

  • Dark Brown-to-blonde ombre

  •  Natural Grey/Silver

  • Fashion Colors:   Purple/Lavender/Grey-Silver and pastel pink maintenance


Q: Who SHOULDN’T use Kiss My Brass?

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1) People who have a topical nut allergy

2) People who have a light-coloured, expensive manicure.

3) People who are red-heads or strawberry-blonde and would like to stay that way.

4) People who are bathing in a  porcelain tub or have lineoleum textiles, as those surfaces tend to be more porous and prone to staining that is difficult to lift.

purple textiles linoleum surface countertop

Q: Oh no! I spilled KMB on my countertop and/or my bathtub/skin/hands/nails are  stained! My landlord/mom/husband is gonna kill me! HALP

A: Two things you need to know with KMB drops:

1)      Rubbing alcohol is the antidote to staining. If you don’t have isopropyl alcohol, try hairspray. Seriously, it’s evaporative  magic to our formula. Additionally, regular cleaning products will help speed things along, especially cleaners formulated for mold and mildew but natural alcohol is really the way to go. Immediately lifts skin/nail staining too!

2)      Tub stains additionally lift with misting and moisture of bathing. (Unless your surfaces are linoleum or porcelain), your textiles should be back to normal after a week or so.

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Q: I don’t like the toning effect after using KMB drops? What do I do now?!

A: With Kiss My Brass, everything is temporary! If you return to using normal shampoo and conditioner, the KMB effect will fade in 2-3 wash cycles, at most.

If you are in a hurry to remove toning deposit, some things known to speed the process: Washing with very hot water, Dandruff shampoo, clarifying shampoo,  dish detergent, hot oil & deep conditioning treatments, crushed Vitamin C tablets.


Q: My hair feels more healthy and shiny after using KMB drops. What’s in this stuff anyway?

herbs plant-based natural ingredients

A: Kiss My Brass uses a long-known homeopathic treatment remedy as its base. The rest of the tropical botanicals were carefully selected for their lengthening and strengthening properties. “Science suspended in nature”, as we like to say! Turns out, we use many insider botanicals known to the women of island and desert cultures that have long been used to combat dry environments, color-zapping sun, drying saltwater or frizz-inducing humidity such as shea, Argan and Kukui oils. “Tropical trade secrets”, we like to say!


Q: I have ethnic hair. Is this product for me?

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A: Kiss My Brass is very much made for women of color, too. We're stoked to tell you, We've had customers of every race - including African-American Hair. In fact, Kiss my Brass works best on Latina & Asian Hair, which is hard to lift and prone to brassy oxidation.

Here's to Happy Hair!