Mermaid Aloha was founded by a chemist who'd lost her hair to brain surgery. With her newfound physical performance improving, she became obsessed with regrowing her hair - and surfing! However, surfing waves on the North Shore made her already-auburn growing locks even more brassy. So she came up with a way she could safely and naturally tone her hair - with products she already loved and had in her shower. That's when Kiss My Brass shampoo additive was born. Read Shea’s beauty musings here.

About the Product

To use, simply add 3x drops per fluid ounce of your favorite shampoo (or conditioner) to cancel out undesirable yellow/orange tones. That way, you can keep using any product you already love and have, that aligns with your needs, budget and values (like being cruelty-free, vegan etc) Kiss My Brass also eliminates the cost, time and chemicals of a salon toner. 

Kiss My Brass tones & color-corrects:

  • Blonde

  • Highlights

  • Ombre

  • Brassy Brown

  • Grey

  • Pastel

Kiss My Brass is also cruelty-free, organic and vegan. There's nothing like it on earth (it's patent-pending) One healthy glass recyclable bottle of Kiss My Brass augments up to 6-8 bottles of shampoo. That’s about one year to 1.5 years worth of use! Learn more here.

* Mermaid Aloha gives a small portion of the proceeds from sales to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation or spay-neuter pet programs.

Behind every successful company is a team of unsung superheroes behind the scenes. Special thanks goes out to: James Meyer Bennett, August Brice and Rabbi Lawrence (Eliezer)Hirsh. Quite literally wouldn’t be here without you. Forever grateful.