How the Original Ombre Company was born...

What inspired me to start my company was that I've always had auburn/brown hair that's prone to orange-ish oxidation from the sun, hard water, hairdye, etc. I used to make my own purple shampoo in the shower. I cleaned out the shower and removed my handmade formula. After a couple weeks, my roommate (a guy) remarked about how bad and brassy my hair looked. I told him I stopped using my "purple stuff" that's usually in the shower that he always wondered about. He said, "Wow! I didn't realize - that stuff really works! You should bottle it and sell it!" ...And we did. The Original Ombre Company was born.

Our philosophy is that natural, vegan, botanical, cruelty-free beauty can work and have meaningful results - that you don't have to sacrifice effectiveness and glamour just because you're a "natural" company. 

I think our greatest achievement so far has been our success through mostly word-of-mouth advertising. We've never had a customer not LOVE our product and/or rave about it. It makes me feel so good that customers - strangers, really - are so loyal to our product and recommend the heck out of it. 


Hi, I'm a surfer and a chemist. As an early victim of the dreaded "Sun-In effect", it was always important to me to rid my hair of undesirable brassiness. While in college obtaining my chem degree, I figured out a way in the lab to do just that - easily and naturally, without the cost, time and chemicals of a salon toner. My haircare company, The Original Ombre Company was formed and Kiss My Brass shampoo additive was born.

Like a true mermaid, I enjoy collecting bikinis, seashells and perfume.