DIY lash serum

I’ve taken to adding Hylauronic Acid serum from The Ordinary to my castor oil and shake. I do this because there is some anecdotal evidence that Hylauronic Acid users have reported a positive side effect to using HA for wrinkle plumping is a noticeably more lush lash line. Worth a try anyway!


Hi, I'm a surfer and a chemist. As an early victim of the dreaded "Sun-In effect", it was always important to me to rid my hair of undesirable brassiness. While in college obtaining my chem degree, I figured out a way in the lab to do just that - easily and naturally, without the cost, time and chemicals of a salon toner. My haircare company, The Original Ombre Company was formed and Kiss My Brass shampoo additive was born.

Like a true mermaid, I enjoy collecting bikinis, seashells and perfume.