Create a Kiss My Brass shampoo with a product you already love and have in your shower!


Take however many ounces your shampoo bottle is, and multiply by 3.
-  For instance, a 8 fluid ounce shampoo will take 24 drops, to start. Close cap and shake! 

If you want an even more cool/less golden effect, you can eventually augment your conditioner with the same ratio.

It is virtually impossible to turn your hair purple with correct usage of instructions. Start small and go slow. 

About the company:


 Kiss My Brass is a revolutionary botanical shampoo additive that takes undesirable yelllow/orange tones out of any lightened hair. It works for blondes, ombre gradients, highlights and balyage in dark, medium and light-brown hair.

Kiss My Brass uses color theory and what we like to call the "golden ration": You simply take the number of ounces of your favorite shampoo and multiply by 3. That's the number of drops you'll add to your shampoo bottle. There's truly nothing like it!

Former "purple shampoo" have been problematic - they generally work by drying out the hair. They often have a yucky scents, or don't leave behind meaningful color-correction. The beauty of Kiss My Brass is that you don't have to compromise the integrity of your favorite products. With our shampoo additive, you can still use the products you love and already have in your shower - whether that be drugstore brands, only cruelty-free lines or pricey, high-end salon products. Kiss My Brass saves the time, cost and chemicals by avoiding a salon toner. Kiss My Brass color-corrects instantly, but brassiness will return with in two washes with regular shampoo. Kiss My Brass is formulated to be virtually fool-proof, so turning your hair purple isn't an option.  

Kiss My Brass is vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free. It was developed by a female surfer & chemist on the North Shore of Oahu. The founder noticed that Hawaiians girls had shiny, long and strong hula hair - despite being exposed to the sun, surf and saltwater. (They even have their own word for sun-kissed hair - "Ehu"). Our research team worked with the natives to find out their tropical trade secrets to formulate a proprietary blend of island oils that enhance your shampoo, making it work harder for you. This innovative formula works fantastic on ethnic hair - African-African, Asian and especially Latina hair, which is prone to orange-heavy oxidation. Kiss My Brass also works well to brighten grey hair, makes blondes and highlights appear lighter without bleach and maintains creative color like lavender and silver hues. 



Remove any skin or surface stains instantly with rubbing alcohol. Allergy info: Contains Nuts. Don't use with light-colored manicure.